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The Best Of 2016: Details!


Hello friends! This is the 3rd blog post of our annual 5-part series! The Best of 2016: Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Details, and our favorite – BEHIND THE SCENES!!!!

If you missed seeing the “Best of Engagements” or “Best of Bridals”, click on the links to catch up!

When I sit back and count up how many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars worth of rings I held in my hands in 2016, I’m a pretty lucky girl that ya’ll let me play with your bling!

Not gonna lie, it’s REALLLLLLY hard to not have ring envy sometimes – can I just switch out each year depending on my mood?!!?! Our brides had some gorgeous finger candy this year, sooooo PROPS goes to all our grooms with fantastic taste in rings.

Details are important to us, so that you’ll remember what you were wearing on your wedding day, long after it’s been boxed up and getting dusty in your attic. Each detail from your dress, to your shoes, to even the scent of perfume you chose is specical, so we love to photograph each one with creativity and care!

Just a fair WARNING: You MAY want to put on sunglasses so your eyes don’t hurt from all the shiny things below!!!!