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Raylynn = Lifestyle Newborn Session

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session  |  Raleigh, NC  |  Raylynn Gray

This Newborn Shoot was one of the MOST SPECIAL sessions we’ve EVER photographed!!!! Landon and Jenna have chosen us to shoot EIGHT sessions over the past few years, documenting their entire love story, and now as their family grows.

Little Raylynn was only 7 days old when this session was photographed, and she was amazingly alert with her blue eyes wide open, and even LIFTED her head a bit on her own!!!

Jenna looked GORGEOUS, and totally fooled us if she was sleep-deprived and exhausted from being a new mom. I mean – hair perfectly curled, a cute outfit, and her wedding rings fitting??? Yeah….let’s HOPE I’m just showering if I ever become a mom.

Landon was the perfect girl daddy as he fixed Raylynn’s flower headband if it slipped into her eyes, kissing her sweetly, and even warming her bottle when she got hungry. He’s splitting a lot of the parenting duties already, and that’s so cool to see.

They really make parenting look easy. I think the DOGS are the ones taking all this newness the hardest! Cute little Sophie isn’t used to sharing her momma, and she can be a diva when she wants to be, haha! Berkley is going to be a good furry brother, he wanted to be near Raylynn a lot, it was really adorable.

We LOVE this family so dang much and were SO honored to photograph this special season in their lives. Ya’ll are the BEST!