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Megan = Senior Session!


Senior Portrait Session  |  Megan  |  March 30, 2017

It was FINALLY Megan’s turn to shine! We had the honor of photographing her sister Danielle’s Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, 1-Year Anniversary, and even their entire Family’s Portraits this Christmas, but Megan still hadn’t had a session all to herself yet!

Thankfully, she’s graduating with her Dental Hygienist degree this spring, so it gave us a PERFECT opportunity for a Senior Session! Megan’s as beautiful as she is SMART, and it was SO FUN to FINALLY get (just) her in front of my camera!

The SECOND I took the first photo, Megan turned it ON! She was “smizing” for the camera one second, laughing the next, then sending me smouldering looks after that! I couldn’t believe how EASY and NATURAL Megan was in front of the camera. She was a dream come true!!!

On top of her hidden modeling talents, Megan has literally the WHITEST teeth ever. I asked her for dental tips on replicating that whiteness – and she started listing all the “don’ts” of drinking/eating. When I realized my Diet Dr. Pepper was in jeopardy, I quickly gave up on the white teeth dream – hahaha!

All jokes aside, Megan blew me away with her posing and easy-going attitude for the camera! I LOVED finally getting to work with her, and wish her ALL the luck finding her dream job! I know she’ll do great!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our Senior Session!