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Janna & Glenn = Engagement Session!

Rose Hill | Janna & Glenn |   February 19, 2016

All of a sudden, I realized my cheeks were hurting. When I reached up to rub the feeling back into my cheeks, I realized I’d been smiling the WHOLE time I was editing Janna and Glenn’s session.

Janna and Glenn were an absolute JOY to spend 2 hours with on a cold, windy February day. We literally laughed through their entire session – and it was so good to my soul. Janna bought her dog, Bentley, and Glenn brought his retriever Honey, and we had the BEST time shooting this little family of four.

When Glenn reminded Janna to pose her leg, and she burst into the most genuine, silly laughter – we captured the moment knowing it showed off their true goofy selves. When Janna closed her eyes when she was wrapped in Glenn’s arms, we framed it – as a reminder of how safe she feels with him. When Janna put her hair into a ponytail and sat on Glenn’s lap, we shot it knowing that’s how they cuddle together on a lazy Saturday.

I left this session with a huge smile on my face, hardly feeling the cold of the evening, because we were so happy to be a part of their love story. We hope you enjoy this little SNEAK PEEK into our day together!