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The best of 2016: Behind the Scenes!

This is the LAST blog of our annual 5-part series! The Best of 2016: Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Details, and this post is OUR VERY favorite – BEHIND THE SCENES!!!!

If you missed seeing the “Best of Engagements”, “Best of Bridals”, “Best of Details” or “Best of Weddings” so far, then click on the links to catch up!

We had 72 amazing photography sessions, 30 perfect weddings, and 86 great meetings with clients this year! We also exhibited in 1 expo, and our work was featured 6 times. Whew – we were pretty busy in 2016!!!!

Can I PLEASE preface this specific blog post with the statement that WE DO take our job SERIOUSLY, haha! BUT all our brides & grooms know that I show up looking professional, and sometimes get messy while I shoot. Most sessions begin with my hair down & looking cute, and then ends up in a ponytail by the end of the day. I get TERRIBLE allergic poison ivy outbreaks in fields, but run through them anyways to get “The Shot”. I climb on things, and trip over myself. I start jumping up and down squealing when I see “glowy light” – and Phillip just laughs at me.

Phillip sometimes falls into THORNS when he “veil fluffs.” Phil also HATES when I take “test shots”, so he looks “fake grumpy” in almost ALL my test photographs (be sure to see how many are grumpy below). He is also the DOG handler and BABY whisperer, and on numerous occasions this year has to babysit both while I’m shooting.

Also, Phillip is weirdly obsessing over goats this year, thanks to many of our 2016 venues that have goats. Be rest assured, we are NOT GETTING A GOAT.

So, this is just a silly little post to show you REALLY what “fun” you’re getting when you hire us. Enjoy! 🙂

Phillip wants a baby goat for a pet. We live in the city – so NO. Just NO.

One of our couples had a special dance JUST FOR US at their reception. I’m embarrassed here.


Babysitting so I can shoot parents alone!!!

Kristy getting it done! Not shown: the pack of DOGS that almost ran ONTO Sarah’s dress!!!!!

My mom was able to help me for the FIRST time at Jacqueline’s bridal session. So fun!

During Family Portraits, this poor guys holds everyone’s purses & scarves! 

Cupid Shuffle is LITERALLY the only song I can dance to.

Wind is great – until it gusts the veil OFF our bride’s heads!!!!

I told Phillip he always looks grumpy in test shots. So now he’s “smelling the pine tree”. Awesome.

Our truck comes in handy when bringing loads of Groomsmen places!!!!

Phillip was trying to “run faster than my shutter speed” 1/200th of a second. Riiiiiight.

Phillip even will fix your child’s tie to look more dapper 🙂

Super Awkward, hahaha

Angela ruining a sweet family moment ^^^^

When the bride wants a selfie with you ^^^^

Attempting to shag….not so much ^^^^

When it randomly starts SNOWING DURING a family session – out of the blue ^^^^

When I want flowering branches to hang lower to be in the shot, Phillip makes it happen 🙂

When my husband takes a photo of my rear, hahaha

“Am I posing like Ashley would?” hahaha

Can you find Phillip?? ^^^

Phillip on baby duty again! ^^^

Do you see the kiddos spying on us?? ^^^

Sunrise session vibes ^^^

Thanks to all of you who allow Phillip and I to document your love stories, and be a part of your lives.

We love each and every one of you!  Merry Christmas!!!!