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Behind the Scenes = 2017!!!!

THE BEST OF: 2017 Behind the Scenes!!!

This is one of everyone’s FAVORITE blog post of the year. It’s also THE MOST EMBARASSING blog post we write the entire year, haha!

Spoiler alert – I really do start each wedding looking professional, I swear. But after 10 hours of working, my eyeliner is smudged from my camera squished up against my face all day, my hair is either frizzy or sweaty in the summer. THANK GOODNESS ya’ll love me anyways.

At least Phillip picks up my slack and always looks dapper. 🙂

Also, when Phillip isn’t taking amazing photos, he’ll also be hanging your wedding dress, holding an umbrella for you, carrying your bouquet, and holding your bridesmaids “stuff”. He may or may not also be dancing in the corner at your reception, and becoming BEST FRIENDS with your groomsmen… okkkkk he DEFINITELY WILL be doing that.

I’ll be demonstrating poses like a weirdo (ya’ll look way better posing than I do), laughing with a million double chins, carrying your wedding dress train so you can walk easier, and trying to avoid any snakes.

Some other people you’ll see in these BTS photos…  my mom, Darla helping me with several Bridal Sessions this year, and my sister, Kristy, who helped us shoot my best friend’s wedding so I could be Matron of Honor during the ceremony!

Anyways, I’ll let the photos do the talking – enjoy our 2017 BEHIND THE SCENES photos!

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