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Ashley Stith = Bridal Portraits

The Leaning Tree  |  Bailey, NC  |  Ashley’s Bridal Portraits  |  March 23rd, 2017

The second I walked into the bridal suite, Ashley turned to me, BEAMING from ear to ear. She looked absolutely radiant, and I’m not lying when I said she was glowing with happiness.

Ashley’s makeup was done to perfection (by Caroline Sharpe at Merle Norman) and her updo was beautiful from any angle. Ashley kept saying “I can’t believe I look this pretty”….not in vanity, but she was FINALLY seeing what everyone else sees: her beauty.

Her bridal bouquet was hand made by her GRANDFATHER! Ashley’s request was for it to look “English Garden – themed”, and he knocked it out of the park!!! I loved all the different textures and colors. It was one of the most beautiful bouquets I’ve photographed. It also smelled so sweet. How amazing that her own Grandfather could be a part of her Bridal Portraits in such a special and unique way? So talented.

Both Ashley and Tyler have been working really hard on being their “best selves” with eating healthy, and doing Crossfit together! (Seriously, Ashley’s arms were so beautifully toned & strong and she looked AH-MAZING in her form-fitting dress!!!) Their hard work paid off!!!!

My Mom assisted me for this Bridal Portrait Session, and Ashley’s sweet mom, Lisa helped me with Ashley’s dress and bouquet all session! Her mom was so helpful with noticing small details, moving furniture, and carrying all our gear place to place. We had a the best time photographing Ashley inside of The Leaning Tree, and then venturing outside as the sun set softer.

It was a tad chilly outside, and Ashley was a trooper outside in strapless, while we were bundled up in layers! Warm or not – Ashley was truly one of the HAPPIEST most JOYOUS brides I’ve ever photographed. She made my job SO EASY. Ashley was a natural for my camera, and I had the most wonderful time photographing her smiles.

Now that she’s married (and honeymooning – so jealous!) I can finally share a few of my favorites! Enjoy!!!!