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Ashley & Scott = Anniversary Session!

Anniversary Session  |  Wilson, NC  |  December 6, 2015

Sometimes us girls come up with crazy ideas, and our men are sweet enough to go along with it! This Anniversary Session was DEFINITELY one of those times. Ashley and I had brainstormed this session to be unique, something I’d never done before – involving a CANOE. We just had two minor problems…. we didn’t own a canoe, or have access to a nice water/dock combination. Okay, they were MAJOR problems 😉 After asking around and making several phone calls, we got permission to use someone’s private property, AND borrow someone’s canoe! THANK YOU ALL for your kindness!!!!!

The day of the session was very foggy and gray. Ashley and Scott were still up for shooting the session – so we trudged through huge water puddles and shot through gray skies! (How do we get lucky with the BEST clients?!) We got to spend time with their puppy, Bella – and she watched us the whole session when she wasn’t posing 🙂

Ashley and Scott were such a joy to work with. They were silly and made each other laugh – and even CARRIED THE CANOE for a shot. (Boy, that thing was seriously HEAVY too!!!!) They were brave to trust us with a canoe that didn’t have paddles, and were up for whatever crazy poses we thought of.

Scott and Ashley, we wish you two a HAPPY Anniversary, and we are so happy you chose us to document this year of marriage. Thank you guys for being so wonderful! We hope you all enjoy this Sneak Peek of our afternoon with this sweet couple! 🙂