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Angela & Cameron = Mini Engagement Session


Engagement Session  |  Angela & Cameron  |  November 23, 2016

Ya’ll….my little sister got ENGAGED!!!! I can’t tell you how overly excited I am for her, or how many times I’ve taken her to Starbucks to do “wedding talk” just in the past month!!

Angela and Cameron have been dating since they were in MIDDLE SCHOOL, and after 7+ years (I’ve lost count) and the last 4 of them being in different STATES for college & jobs – they are FINALLY engaged!!!!

My sister is a little hipster, and likes a bohemian vibe. (Don’t worry, my mom had to Google what “boho wedding” meant, haha) Angela wanted a STACK of engagement bands, rather than a traditional ring! She’s doing so many things “differently”, and it’s so fun to see their wedding plans coming along. Cameron has also been a HUGE HELP with wedding planning, even from being in Michigan!!!

We photographed just a short mini-Engagement Session the day after they got engaged, and we’ll shoot a “real” full Engagement Session later this spring. It was SO FUN to see how incredibly happy and in love they are!

Since they like creative and “unique” looks, I was able to go a little outside my normal photography style and shoot this overcast day with a “grittier” vibe, and it was fun to try new things!

I hope you enjoy these photographs of my sister AND my new (almost) brother!!!