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Our Business TURNED THREE!!!




Our anniversary of being a full-time business as “Tiffany L. Johnson” is today – we’re THREE!!!! Phillip and I can’t believe that three years of working together have already passed. We are SO THANKFUL to all our amazing clients who have trusted us over the past 3 years to capture their love stories through photographs…and all our graphic design clients who let me be creative and design unique invitations!

Phillip and I have photographed over 60 weddings, and several hundred sessions!! So, a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you awesome people – we are incredibly blessed!!!

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It’s been a long time since I told our business story! It’s a cool story about how God’s timing is pretty perfect.

I graduated college with a BFA in Graphic Design, & BFA in Photography. My professor (Mr. Wilson) told me I’d own a business someday, but I said NO WAY!!! After graduation, I worked at a Graphic Design firm in Greenville for 2 years, doing photography on the side, and waitressing at Pup’s Steakhouse on weekends to make extra money.

Once I started dating Phillip, I was jealous of his teaching schedule (I only got 5 days off a year at the Graphic Design firm) so I jumped into being an ART TEACHER for a middle school in Halifax county. It was the hardest (worst) experience of my life – and I KNEW it wasn’t my calling or passion!!! (I still have nightmares)

The WEEK after our honeymoon, I called Phillip CRYING on my commute to Enfield Middle School. I told him I wanted to quit teaching THAT DAY. Instead of questioning me, or asking where I would find a new job…Phillip supported me and told me it was okay if I needed to quit teaching.

October 25, 2013 was the day EVERYTHING CHANGED for me. I finally had the freedom to follow my passion as an entrepreneur full-time (Mr. Wilson was right) So that first year, I GRINDED IT OUT. I had enough photography & graphic-design work to support us part-time, so painted door hangers, sewed painted pillows, ANYTHING I could do to make extra money. Phillip and I did countless wedding expos to get our photography name out to the public, and worked so hard to create a name for ourselves.

I shot my first wedding back in 2011, and since then, I knew that’s the direction I wanted my photography business to go. We now primarily photograph weddings (30 weddings this year!!) and I love shooting them with Phillip by my side.

Phillip is the perfect business partner compliment to my personality – he’s lighthearted and adventurous to balance my organized, type-a brain. Together we give a well-rounded experience and I love being a husband/wife team with that crazy guy!!!

Well, that’s the short version of our journey to the 3-year mark of officially being “Tiffany L. Johnson”! We can’t WAIT to see where the next three years takes us!

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I’m NOT coordinated. My brides make this look WAY MORE GRACEFUL than i do. But can we please discuss Phil’s stud hand?? So good!


HAHAHA – FAIL. Such a fail. I’m so awkward.

  • Your Aunt Nancy

    I loved reading the story — such a wonderful reminder of how beautifully God works!!

    Love you!!ReplyCancel

  • Mama D

    What a joy it has been to watch you follow your dream and experience God’s blessings on your lives. Im soon proud of the two of you:) Love you bothReplyCancel