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Sarah McCoy = Bridal Portraits!

Bridal Session | Sarah McCoy | April 5th, 2016

Sarah arrived at her session with a whole CREW of attendants! She brought along two friends and her “second mother” to help with the session, and it was like a celebrity with her entourage. We LOVED having these girls along, and they helped make Sarah laugh, carry the veil, and wrap her in a blanket between shots!

Sarah is a one of my craft-iest, Pinterest-loving brides. She made her OWN veil, and it wasn’t a simple one either! It had two layers, cathedral length, AND had her new monogram stitched at the bottom. I’d never seen that before!

One of the silliest moments of the session was when we were outdoors posing Sarah for a more serious shot – all of a sudden a herd of GOATS ran by in the background! It was the most random thing, and it gave us a memory we’ll always remember.

Sarah wore custom Nike tennis shoes, with her new name on the tongues of the shoes. She was a great soccer player growing up, so the athletic shoe under her wedding gown fit her personality perfectly, and plus she LOVES purple!

We had a wonderful time with Sarah and her entourage! We hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek from our Bridal Session together!