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Natalie & Zack = Engagement Session!

Engagement Session   | Wilson, NC | January 25, 2016

The FIRST time we scheduled to shoot, it was 70 degrees on December 23rd, and then it rained us out. The second time we scheduled, it was sunny but LESS THAN 30 DEGREES outside. Natalie and Zack had to change their whole outfit schemes, borrow jackets, and carry hand warmers.

Most people would be totally bummed their plans changed, and the weather was that cold. I felt awful about the weather, and asked if they wanted to reschedule again. However, Natalie and Zack kept to the date and showed up with the BEST ATTITUDES and biggest smiles on their faces.

We couldn’t have asked for a better couple to freeze out in the cold with us for two hours. Just looking at these pictures of Zack and Natalie as I edited this week brought a smile to MY face! They laughed, teased, and smiled their way through the entire session…and absolutely made the best of it!

It was so fun to meet their 7-month old Dalmatian puppy, Dolly…and include her in a few shots. I’ve always loved Dalmatians because they’re my favorite colors – black and white 🙂 Dolly was exactly like her parents: playful, sweet, and spunky!

Natalie and Zack – THANK YOU for being absolutely wonderful during your Engagement Session! You didn’t let the weather or change of plans affect your attitudes, and it clearly shows how HAPPY you are together! We can’t WAIT to continue celebrating with you this year!

Enjoy this Sneak Peek of our CHILLY time together! 🙂