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Jacquelyn = Bridal Session!

Jacquelyn Bridal Session  |  Rose Hill Plantation  |  August 24, 2016

It had been a year and half since I’d seen Jacquelyn, so I was really excited to see her and catch up on wedding talk! Rose Hill Plantation is one of my FAVORITE places to shoot at, because I’m a sucker for old historic venues AND white houses with black shutters. It’s truly a DREAM to shoot there.

When Jacquelyn walked up, she looked BEAUTIFUL. Her dress was unlike any that I’ve seen before (and I’ve seen A LOT of dresses!) with the combination of the unique lace, the row of buttons and the lace back. Jacquelyn added the belt, and she bought it at the “Say Yes to the Dress” boutique in Atlanta! Even Monty was there, and took a photo with her. How special is that?!

Rose Hill was having an event at the time of our Bridals, so it caused our timing to get mixed up. We started the session an HOUR later than expected, and that means we lost the light FAST. I fully expected Jacquelyn to be frustrated or stressed, but she laughed and joked the entire time. At the end of the session, it was SO dark that I was using flash outdoors! Crazy!

I love Jacquelyn’s sense of humor, and how laid-back she is. She made the session so fun, but yet she posed well and even suggested ideas of her own. I hope you love this session as much as we do!!!!