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Evan = Senior Portraits!

Evan | Senior Portraits | August 22nd, 2016

I don’t shoot a ton of male Senior Portraits, for the sheer fact that GUYS HATE getting their photograph taken. Especially if a WHOLE SESSION is dedicated to just them getting their portrait taken. Thank GOODNESS Evan was a total exception. I half-excepted him to just go along with things for his mom’s sake (like most guys do) BUT Evan made my job SO EASY. He smiled, laughed, went along with the “GQ” poses good-naturedly, never complained, and was so kind.

When I photographed Evan’s brother’s wedding 2 months ago, I thought Zack did a great job smiling and modeling for us. BUT you’ll have to be the judge of which brother posed best, because Evan really blew me away!!! 🙂

Not only did Evan do a great job for us…but he is SO sweet. He offered to help carry chairs, complimented his sister when she came out with a different outfit, was considerate of his mom, and even picked up the vehicle for his family at the end of the session so they wouldn’t have to walk as far.

We just KNOW Evan will do great in college! He’s thinking about becoming a Barton Bulldog, and I think it’s a pretty good idea myself! Evan – you were AWESOME! We hope you LOVE all these photographs!