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Erin Barfield = Bridal Portraits!

Pinehurst, NC | Bridal Portrait Session | July 1st, 2016

When I say that we (and Erin!) had been checking the weather obsessively for weeks, even hours up until the session to make sure everything was looking great – I’m NOT lying. Phil and I had a 4+ hour round-trip drive for this session, so we wanted to be 100% SURE weather was perfect or else we’d reschedule.

Erin walked up to us, and I *think* my jaw dropped. She’s a gorgeous girl anyways, but as a BRIDE….she was breathtaking! Erin owns a clothing boutique in Greenville, so I was curious what type of wedding dress she’d choose. She didn’t let me down as she stunned in a form-fitting mermaid-style gown with a gold belt that made it unique. WOW!!! Her long teardrop earrings brought sparkle to her face, and the shape matched her engagement ring.

When we started shooting, Erin turned it ON with her smiles, her ease of posing, and my job became SUPER EASY. I felt like a fashion photographer with a model who knew what she was doing. Erin ROCKED it, and I was having such a blast.

Here’s THE PROBLEM. The skies were dark, the sun was hiding, and we had to make it work. After less than 45 minutes of shooting, thunder started in the distance, and we kept shooting until the last minute! After getting Erin safely under a covered area, the skies opened up, and it POURED!!!! For the next hour, trees were swaying SIDEWAYS in the wind, and I thought we’d see some fall down. LIGHTENING STRUCK right beside us, and the power flickered out. It was the loudest and one of the scariest things I’d experienced!

Erin was such a good sport….hiding in a sheet so her dress wouldn’t get wet. I’m SO thankful for Erin’s easy-going attitude and how sweet she was during the whole freak weather storm. She truly has a heart as beautiful as the rest of her. We hope you enjoy this little peek into Erin’s session!