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Danielle & Sam = Engagement Session!

Engagement Session |  Danielle & Sam  |  September 13th, 2016

These two booked us 1.5 years in ADVANCE, so I was pumped to shoot their Engagement Session early on, and get the excitement rolling! We picked a beautiful day, but it was still pretty warm outside. We photographed as much in the shade as we could, and joked about just embracing all the sweat.

Sam and Danielle did a great job of easing into the posing quickly. It didn’t take but mere seconds for them to loosen up, laugh, and start enjoying the session! I think we were ALL surprised with how easily Sam became a model. He has such a great smile, and all the posing came naturally to him. Danielle was a sweetheart – she twirled, jumped, spun, and walked whenever I asked her to – and had the MOST genuine laughs while she did it. Also….can I steal her dresses?!

A few hours after our shoot, Danielle emailed me the SWEETEST message, saying what a good time they had, and how fun the session was. It totally made my day when I opened the email the next morning!!! These are the types of messages that make my job so fulfilling.

Phillip and I really had a great time with these two, and can’t WAIT for what the next year will hold. They tie the knot in September 2017 – so we know it will be an exciting full year ahead! Enjoy this sneak peek into our Engagement Session together!

  • Lisa Trussler

    I am Sam’s mom and I cried when I saw these amazing photos! Would you believe that Sam has NEVER smiled in pictures-not even when he was small. When I pull out the camera—he leaves the room or turns his head—even now that he’s grown. So for you to get these GORGEOUS smiles from him (of course, I’m sure Danielle has a lot to do with it too)…I have to give you many thanks. Both of these “kids” are very photogenic, but you did a great job capturing how they feel about each other.
    Thanks again for a job WELL DONE.
    I would like to purchase these photos, if you could send me the cost, I’d really appreciate it.
    Lisa Trussler