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Anna & Chris = Engagement Session!

Waterfall Engagement Session | Anna & Chris | June 26th, 2016

We were already booked for Anna & Chris’ wedding date, yet they STILL wanted to shoot their Engagement Session with us! I knew from that point we had a great couple! We started planning their session MONTHS in advance, around the time Phillip and I would go to FCA Camp in the mountains. Anna and Chris love the outdoors and being active, so hiking to a waterfall was the perfect idea.

When thunderstorms were forecast for their sunset session, Anna & Chris switched to a sunrise session without ANY hesitation. Phil and I left our hotel at 6:00am, and drove through the THICKEST FOG all the way up the mountain to the trailhead. It turned out to be a blessing we shot at sunrise, because we had the falls almost exclusively to ourselves!!!

Anna and Chris were so easy going, and didn’t mind getting almost IN the falls for some shots! They climbed over rocks and in the water barefoot, without complaining. I was actually the klutzy one, and banged a goose-egg on my shin not even 5 minutes into shooting!!

The session lasted 3 hours because of all the hiking we had to do! Thankfully, it was cool early on, and we didn’t start sweating until the UPWARDS hike back to our cars. Chris and Phillip had to carry backpacks, so they had tough!

Anna and Chris – thanks so much for trusting us to shoot your unique Engagement Session! Not many people want to hike 3 miles and put that much time and effort into a session. We really enjoyed our time with you, and getting to know you! We hope you’ll enjoy your Sneak Peek!