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Amber & Bryant = Engagement Session!

Wilson, NC Engagement Session | Amber & Bryant | August 3rd, 2016

Summer is awesome… EXCEPT for the unpredictable summer rain showers. We’d already rescheduled Amber and Bryant’s session once due to weather. So, when rain started at 7:00am BEFORE I’d even taken a single shot for this session, I was bummed! We ran back to our cars and decided to wait it out for a bit. Thankfully, Bryant and Amber were game for going back outside and taking another chance with the rain, and we ended up with an awesome session!!

They both work at Beddingfield High School, and Bryant works with the Agriculture program there, and LOTS of farm animals. It only made PERFECT sense to have their Engagement Session out in corn & soybean fields! Right off the bat, Amber was smiling and laughing, and made shooting them so much fun. Now I see how Bryant convinced her to adopt a bunch of ducks from Beddingfield’s program – because she’s such a good sport! (PLUS she had to wake up at 5:00am to get ready, yet she was STILL smiling!!!)

Bryant was a groomsman in a wedding we shot 3 years ago. Therefore, we already knew he had some modeling technique in him, and Bryant did a great job of snuggling close to Amber in summertime weather! He’d make Amber laugh genuinely, and it would result in some really cute and fun shots.

We truly had a BLAST with these two, and look forward to Amber’s bridal session at the end of the month, and their wedding in October! We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into our session together!